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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common and frequent questions asked by other people. If you can not find the answer to your question below, please contact us at



System requirements

We strongly recommend to access from Chrome/Firefox/Safari in their latest version. Nevertheless, you can use it from any other browser. If you use Internet Explorer, you will need a version greater than IE9.



About HuliVida


1. What is HuliVida?


HuliVida is a personal healthcare platform, where people can save and share all their medical information safely, easily and free of charge.


2. What is a personal health record?


A personal health record  is a compilation of the patient's data in digital format, which is stored and exchanged in a secure manner and can be accessed by multiple previously authorized users.


3. How can I access my HuliVida account?


To enter you can go directly to or you can go to and click on the link that says "Login to my account".


4. What is a progressive web application (web app)?


A progressive web application is a version of the website that is optimized to be viewed from any mobile device, such as smartphones and tablets. It will work just like an application that you download from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

5. Is HuliVida free?


HuliVida is free and will be free forever.

This platform is a collaboration between the Science and Innovation Fund of the British Embassy and Huli. 

We want to offer a product of great quality without cost a contribution to everyone in the society.


6. How can I share my medical record to my doctor?  

You can send your medical record to the doctor by email. 

To send it:

  • Enter the Medical History

  • At the end of the menu you will find a button that says "Send History”

  • There you can choose what information you want to send

  • That's it :)

7. I can send my file to a doctor who works at the Costa Rican Social Security Service?


If your doctor agrees and provides you with his email, you can send your file via email.


8. I can open and manage my children's file or some other person in my family?

Yes :)

You can take your personal information and that of the people in your family or that are under your care. This allows you to have all the information of the people you love most in one place.



9. What does it mean that my file is in the cloud?


That your file is in the cloud means that all the information you enter will be stored in the Internet. Access to your information is instantaneous, at any time, wherever you are and through both mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), as well as desktop computers or notebooks.


At HuliVida security is a priority and every information is secured using the highest standards in the industry. Keep reading to know more about this. 


10. Is it safe to have all my medical information in HuliVida?


Yes it is safe :)

Both our servers (where we keep all your data), as well as the protocols for handling them, comply with international standards for handling and storage of medical and personal data. 


Additionally, HuliVida has a redundancy service so your data will always be available to you only from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


11. I will be able to download the app in Apple Store or Google Play?


At the moment, we do not have applications available for IOS or Android.


You can create a shortcut on your cell phone by logging into your account and saving the page as a favorite. Here are the steps of how to do it in the following links:

Create shortcut for iOS

Create shortcut for Android


HuliVida: beta version


12. What is the beta version of a product?


"Beta" refers to the first version of a product or software. This stage is a trial version, and therefore may be subject to possible design flaws or minor software errors.



13. What do I expect if I am a beta user?


If you are a beta user, if you detect any errors, we would expect you to inform us so that our engineers correct them to stabilize the product. In short, you will be part of the team that will help improve HuliVida.


14. How can I report errors or "bugs"?


You have several ways to report errors or send your comments.

  • Select "Send Comments" in the options menu of the application.

  • Send us an email to


Please, provide all the information you can, every detail counts. If possible, you can upload a screenshot to a service such as Dropbox and provide the link in the description. It also includes the type of browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and its version.



I am a doctor

15. How can I get an electronic file designed for doctors?


Huli has an electronic medical file for health professionals called HuliPractice. You can get more information at

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